Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I felt that contrary to popular belief- film-making was a workshop which definitely required a great variety of skill and the incorporation of fluidity, spatiality and precision in equal amounts. One worked with drawing, sculpture, photography and film-making in equal amounts. It was particularly interesting in that it required you to integrate lots of ways of communication into a cohesive whole- something we will have to learn as architects, when all we will have are models and drawings to communicate a not-yet existing space.

Not only were we dealing with 2D images and sculptures, but we were also dealing with the movement between one still and the next, hence moving into ideas of fluidity.

I found this workshop to be equally enjoyable and informative. Stop-motion film is an incredibly exciting media in which I see endless possibilities. It is definitely something that I am looking forward to work with again.

My favourite out-take from the first film.

The film that sparked my final submission.

The final result.

Some of my favourite slides from the film.

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